Soul and Song    Singer's retreats

Soul and Song Singer's Retreats are all about creating an environment of support among singers where we learn and take risks together.  Singers come from all over.  Usually there is one the last weekend in May and one the weekend before Halloween.

Mistakes are allowed!  We address the musical as well as the personal including: ear-training, melodic ideas, soloing, harmony, syncopation, groove, phrasing, some scales, leading, supporting, the risks we took, the ones we didn't take - all through some daring and groovy all-vocal improvisation.

During the weekend retreats, we share an inspiring location in a cozy cabin or lodge seriously fabulous meals and 10 hours of workshop - sometimes an off-site "field trip" hiking or (yes we did this once) karaoke.  Ha!

My vision is to offer encouragement and guidance to singers and get them together to playfully and soulfully sing.  I studied Circle Singing with Rhiannon in her All the Way In program and utilize some of her exercises, as well as tailor my own to the attendees needs.  I invite co-facilitators who amaze me to teach with me from time to time.  In the past we've had the incredible Virna Sanzone, Gina Saputo, Kate McGarry, Ron Browning and Jennifer Hamady.





It was more than just a singing workshop. I am amazed at the high caliber of talent, skill, generosity, creativity, playfulness, spirituality and love which was present at one place and time.
— Ginger Sands, singer-songwriter